Can Bath Bombs Benefits Runners?

Being an athlete is extremely difficult. From dieting, intense work out routines, and vigorous training, it takes a lot of effort and commitment. Even if you aren’t an athlete and are just trying to be healthy, it takes some serious effort to be in shape.

Running, for example, is a great way to stay or get in shape. But this can leave the body sore after a long and intense run. This is where bath bombs come into play.

What are Bath bombs?

Bath bombs are those cool colored spheres people put in the water to make it more colorful. But there’s more to bath bombs than just adding color to water.

As mentioned earlier, a long and intense run can make your muscles sore. Recovery is important for your body and with bath bombs, you will be able to have a better recovery.

They provide a therapeutic and relaxing experience as well as calming aching muscles.

How do bath bombs work?

In order to know how this is done, you need to look at the ingredients that bath bombs consist of. Most bath bombs are made of;

  • Water
  • Baking soda
  • Citric acid
  • Epsom salt

There is also a variety of essential oils in bath bombs. Some include tea tree essential oils and vanilla essential oils. These oils help the body and muscles relax which promotes better recovery.

While the muscles are relaxed, the oils will help ease pain, stiffness, as well as relieve cramps.

This is why so many marathon runners like to use bath bombs. Have you ever tried to go on a long run with sore legs?

It feels very unpleasant and will limit how far you will be able to run because your body isn’t fully recovered. Better recovery means a better workout which means better results.

Mental benefits

It’s not just physical benefits that you will experience. Using bath bombs will help you unwind and relax into a calm mental state. This can be argued to be even more important than the physical benefits you receive.

This is because your mental state impacts so much about your life including your workouts.

Think about it, if you are feeling stressed out, do you want to go on a physically demanding run? For people who find running relaxing, yes.

But for people who don’t find running to be relaxing, they would rather stay home than go out on a run.

But if you are in a calm mood, you won’t mind going out on a run. You will be focused and determined to go for a run. Not to mention that being less stressed is great for all aspects of life, not just for running.

Bath bombs can help many people

All of these benefits listed can apply to anyone. If you are stressed out, a bath bomb can help you relax. If you had a long day at work and are sore, bath bombs can help alleviate the pain.

You don’t have to be a runner to experience the benefits of bath bombs.

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